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Aeronautical Ground Communication Gateway

The Aeronautical Ground Communication Gateway (AGCG) provides a comprehensive, powerful platform for delivering IP Telephony applications based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) and IAX2. It offers call-control features to enable aviation industry to quickly and reliably deploy next generation packet-voice networks. GCG platform allowing you to easily combine both FXO/FXS/E1/T1/ISDN circuits and Voice over IP (VoIP) connections in a single platform provides unmatched support, compatibility, expandability, and ease of use. The GCG system is modular in design, and system capacity can be incrementally


Key Features

• Highly scalable modular architecture
• High Availability Feature
• Advanced VoIP features
• Flexible Call Routing and Extension Logic
• WiFi Phone Support (SIP, SCCP)
• Automatic NAT detection
• Dual NAT Support
• Customized Fax Support for Aviation Environment
• T.38 based FAX
• Global SIP DID Support
• PRI DID Support
• IAX2 Support
• Media Trans coding
• Secure RTP feature (sRTP)
• Customized Live Call Monitoring
• CDR-based Call logs

Provisioning Features

• Flight-based Phone Grouping
• Auto WiFi Phone Configuration
• One Step Global DID Mapping
• Multiple DIDs for one Phone
• Follow-me

Administration Features

• Central Flight Phone Management
• DID Management
• Central Call Controlling
• Ground Call Termination Management
• T1/E1 Voice Card Management
• External Media Gateway Management
• Web based Voice and Router Administration.
• Web-based backup and restore system
• Syslog server support for remote event and history logging
• Advanced Web-based CDR Management Tools
• Three-level system web-administration
• Link Quality monitoring

Router Features

• Clustering
• Firewall
• Port Mapping
• IP and Port Blocking
• ACL (Access Control List)
• Built-in SMTP Server
• RAID 0, 1 Support
• Syslog
• WAN Compression (ROHC, RFC 3241)
• Static Routing
• PPPoE Support
• File and Print Server

Flight Call Monitoring System:

• Web Based Live Monitoring Panel
• Tail based Phone Grouping
• Overall Tail Status
• Which phones are busy, ringing or available
• Who is Talking and to whom (Caller ID)
• Phone Connectivity Status
• Auto Phone Hardware Details retreive
• T1/E1 Channel Status

Audio Codec Support

• G.729
• G.711 (A-Law & ยต-Law)
• GSM 06.10
• Speex


• TOS bit support for QoS

Billing (Provisional)

• RADIUS / SOAP Support