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Enterprise Unified Communication System (eUCS)

Enterprise Unified Communications System (eUCS) is a plug and play, easy to use IP communications solution designed for enterprises with demanding needs. eUCS support industry first plug and play auto-provisioning of IP phones from the below vendors: Aastra, Snom, Polycom, Cisco, Mitel, Grandstream and Linksys. eUCS has productivity enabling end user functionalities such as Unified Mailbox, Mobile Bridging, Click to Call, CDR and Call Recordings delivered through a web user portal. eUCS solves a fundamental challenge facing small and medium-sized businesses which does not have proprietary vendor lock-in with endless fees and high capital expenses.

Business Benefits

Easy to deploy, plug and play support for many brands of IP phones locally and remotely

Easy to administration through point and click web based user interface

Easy and affordable to scale for end users and trunking

Supports both single location and multiple-sites

High end enterprise features like paging, recording and basic call reporting in one package

Key Features of eUCS:

  • Auto Provisioning of IP Phones: Just plug it in and it gets auto-detected, provisioned. Plug & Play!

  • Full Extension Mobility: Extensions are free to be mapped to any IP phone you wish. This can be an extremely useful feature in offices where users are not bound to their desks. With a few clicks, an extension can be moved from one phone to another.

  • Point and Click Administrative Interface: Everyday administrative tasks like creating an auto-attendant, deleting and adding users should be easy. In eUCS, it is all point and click and easy to do.

  • Be accessible from Anywhere: Users can use a web interface to route their extension to a voicemail box, a phone number or follow-me user system based on their schedules. No more having to call different numbers to find someone. eUCS can call your home, mobile and office phone on weekdays automatically by your choice.

  • Time-based Call Routing for Incoming Calls, Auto-Attendant: This feature allows system administrators to control how incoming calls to their organization phone system are routed based on time and date. This allows you to create different auto-attendants for weekdays and holidays or the ability to have calls directly go to a certain extension after hours.

  • Time-based Routing of Extensions to Follow-Me and Voicemail: This is considered by many to be the most powerful and useful feature that individual user have access to. By being able to route their extension to a voicemail box, a phone number or Follow-me user hunting system based on date and time can allow users to make the system smarter and thus make reachable no matter where they are.

    No more having to call different numbers to find someone now eUCS can call you home, mobile and office phone on weekdays hunting for you or call your home and your parents house on weekends to find you. Making users more accessible and thus improving the communications of your organization.

  • Wizards–based Administrative Operations: The eUCS  includes a collection of wizards to make IP telephony administration a breeze. eUCS TDM wizard helps configure TDM interfaces such as FXO, FXS and T1/E1 lines. The Station wizard helps configure new users while the VOIP wizard helps configure IP trunks from ITSP such as Voice Trading, Checkbox, etc.

  • XML Services and Hot desking: With xml services which run directly on the phones such as Cisco, Polycom, Aastra and Snom quick access to information can be provided on the phone itself. Services such as hot-desking can allow your users to be more mobile in the offices, instantly converting a free extension on a free desk into their own extension for the time period that they intend to work on that desk.

  • Built in Call Records Reporting engine: Get instant access to call detailed records (CDRs) of inbound and outbound calls. Need to report to the boss. Export the CDRs to Microsoft Excel

  • Web based End User Portal: Each extension of the system is bound to a user. Users can easily log into the user portal and manage their own extension easily. The Web-based voicemail interface, Time based extension routing, Follow-me are some of the extremely useful features that eUCS allows individual users personal access to.
Auto-Provisioning of IP phones
Unified Voicemail and Fax
Administrator Management Portal
Corporate Contact Center Automatic Call Distribution
Web User Application Portal for Desktop and Mobile
Call Recording
Inter-operation with other software
Inter-operation with other software
Supported Hardware/Devices