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Integrated Call Center System

Whether your organization is just launching a Call Center, or it is already an integral part of your business operations, Integrated Call Center (ICC) solution to meet your needs and create a Unified Communication platform to integrate with your business processes. ICC solutions can dramatically improve customer service while reducing the cost of deploying and maintaining a high-performance call center.


Building a Bridge to IP Telephony in the ICC

By combining IP telephony and call center solutions, the ICC delivers an integrated suite of proven products that enables agents using Soft-Phone/IP Phone to receive both time-division multiplexing (TDM) and IP calls.

An integral part of ICC can be implemented in a single-site environment or integrated into a multisided call-center enterprise. Specific capabilities include intelligent call routing, automatic call distribution (ACD) functionality, call campaign, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), interactive voice response (IVR) integration, call queuing, and consolidated reporting (Voice Logger). The open, standards-based architecture of the ICC can also potentially support Web-based customer call, including collaborative browsing and e-mail response management.

The ICC utilizes an IP network, optimizing investments in wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure and lowering administrative expenses. Moreover, this IP-centric architecture allows a business to easily extend the boundaries of the call-center enterprise to include branch offices, at-home agents and knowledge workers. Whether your company is expanding an existing operation or establishing its first site, the ICC can help you realize the cost and performance benefits of converged networking—at your pace.

Enhancing Customer Service

Customized routing plans and distributed agents allow you to offer superior service by routing each call through initial greeting and status announcements while waiting in queue, to the final delivery to the best agent for your customer’s questions. Administrators can easily configure agents to serve customers based on agent skills, caller identity, wait time, priority or service level. Beyond the phone, agents can interact with Customers via Web chat, e-mail and FAX. An advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) scripting tool enables a self-service option, empowering customers to immediately handle their own needs.

Efficiencies Reduce Your Costs

ICC solutions provide a range of capabilities that reduce costs. These include features such as agent console screen with detailed customer information which reduces interaction time. Another feature is customizable real time and historical information about callers, trunks, groups and agent utilization allowing supervisors to optimize their resources. In addition, advanced call routing based on service levels, skills or priority ensures calls go to the right agents thus reducing the service time per call.

Virtual Call Center

ICC solutions allow you to create virtual Call centers, assembling geographically dispersed agents into a single, seamless organization.

Key Product

ICC is the most powerful call center solution, meeting the requirements of advanced multimedia Call Centers. It includes queuing, optimized call routing by service level, priority, customer identity, schedules and caller location. ICC also supports e-mail, web calls and outbound calling as service options.

Application integration on a single platform

Our expertise in IP communications allows previously stand-alone Call center functions— ACD, IVR, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and Outbound Campaigns to be integrated onto a single, centrally managed platform. We also make it possible to integrate Call Center workflow with other enterprise applications, increasing the overall value of information, and delivering business intelligence.

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