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Integrated Prepaid/Postpaid System

Comprehensive Billing System, IPS is a Software based full featured telecom platform providing converged services, with self contained billing (pre or post-paid), reporting and statistics for IP and TDM based voice networks. IPS is the single-box integrated Soft-Switch, IP PBX and VoIP billing engine which empowers service providers with all necessary tools to successfully implement a wide variety of business models. The product features advanced VoIP billing capabilities and TDM and VoIP termination to meet the needs of both emerging and established telecoms and service providers. With advanced VoIP prepaid, postpaid and wholesale billing capabilities, IPS enable providers to fine-tune their service offerings and capture the most lucrative market segments.

Service Deployment using IPS:

Traditional Calling Card Services – IPS can be configured to provide standard calling card services via traditional “dial through”, with PIN or CID authentication. Callback Services - IPS supports a number of call-back methods including ANI, DID and web based call-back.

VoIP Residential Services – Customers can be issued with a soft-phone or hard phone and be billed for calls made via Voice over IP.

VoIP Wholesale Termination - IPS can be used to terminate and bill large numbers of VoIP minutes from a number of sources such as resellers and distributors of your services.

DID Termination and Redirection - DID can be redirected to any SIP or PSTN destination with monthly charges and duration based charges.

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