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Technology Boosting Your Soil.

mrittika is a soil nutrient analysis and recommendation software. Rural entrepreneurs offer soil testing services to the farmers and use mrittika to analyse the results to recommend fertilizer to the farmers for achieving cost effective and optimum productivity.

mrittikā offers knowledge based and customized information to the farmers on:

Required nutrients based on specific crops and current state of the soil

Specific fertilizer types, quantity, dosage and application procedure

Local sources of fertilizers offering competitive prices

Features of mrittika include:

Bringing expert advisory services of crop and soil based nutrient selection to the doorstep of the farmers

Maximizing yield and improving quality of the harvest

Simplifying selection and sourcing of the fertilizers

Enabling farmers to save money by reducing wastage and harmful effects from using excess fertilizer

Harvest Before and After Soil Test:


NOTE: This solution has been designed and developed for Grameen Intel Social Business.