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Open Source Customization

We have developed competency in developing applications/products using ‘Open Source Software’. We customize Open Source Software according to client needs. Our expertise in analyzing Open Source Architecture helps us design and develop rapid, error-free application for our clients.

We also create user-oriented documentation to help the users use the applications based on open-source software effectively. We provide services to migrate the existing application and data, if any, to the new software. We do also provide technical support to the software delivered.

Open Source Development Approach:

We start with the analyzing clients requirement thoroughly to understand their business needs.
Then we perform extensive research to identify the best Open Source Application(s) that can suit the client's business requirements.
After selecting the Open Source Application(s) we analyze underlying code to get a thorough understanding of the product(s).
Then we identify those areas that need customization and layout a plan an integration plan if needed.
After we are finished with customization and integration of the application, we subject it to a thorough Quality Assurance and testing cycle to rectify any inherent defects.


Why Open Source?

A saving of 65% to 80% in development cost, as compared to development from scratch, is achievable.
Time for Development is reduced by over 50%.
Client gets the software with the rights to modify it.
Flexibility in meeting user specific requirements, something that is cost-prohibitive or utterly complex with proprietary software.
Enhanced portability
Vendor Dependency is neutralized