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Our Unique Approach

As an experienced provider of outsourced software development services BroTecs understands the importance of processes in successful outsourcing engagements. In order to deliver quality results for our clients, we provide process development and consultation as part of our outsourcing services.

Rather than adopting a generic software development lifecycle - as used by most other outsourcing providers - we work closely with our clients to create a development process that meets your specific requirements and objectives. Whether you have a well-defined in-house development process or are looking to borrow from mature process methodologies in the industry, our consultants will evaluate your business needs and develop a customized process that is best suited for your development engagements.

The developed process contains details of all development activities, roles, work products and guidance required to develop the product. By leveraging our knowledge on a broad range of process methodologies (such as Agile, FDD, RUP, and MSF), we can deliver a vendor-agnostic process model for your software development. The process is approved by you before deployment and therefore, becomes the most concrete and effective measure for project progress and contract compliancy throughout the service engagement.

In the process deployment phase, the process is enacted by multishore development teams who are disciplined in a process-centric development environment. BroTecs has hands-on experience in end-to-end software product development using multiple offshore teams, with proven success on all of our outsourced projects as well as internal product development. BroTecs development teams can work efficiently under the guidance of any given process to perform development activities and produce deliverables. Customers have clear visibility to the development teamís progress by monitoring their compliance to the prescribed process. They are also able to capture any process deviations during the course of development and make timely decisions on actions required by the teams. As the process is being followed through project implementation, the development teams will provide live feedback for continuous process improvement. Lessons learned are captured throughout the project and codified through process revisions by BroTecs consultants, thus allowing you to benefit from proven process and development practices in future engagements.

The goal of BroTecs Professional Services is to provide long-term assets that are of ongoing values to our clients. In addition to delivering the process and development project, our value-added service includes training and coaching for designated personnel in your organization to perform process maintenance and tailoring. This allows your organization to take ownership of the process assets obtained from the outsourcing engagement. With a process-centric approach, your organization will be able to realize long-term gains in your development endeavors, either by using in-house resources or by outsourcing.