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Aviation Communication Software

Brotecs has a proven track record and an in-depth knowledge of Aviation software development. We have provided a wide range of Aviation communication solutions for our clients. Whether you need partial help with your Aviation Communication project development or want an entire project developed, our engineers can provide you with what you need. Brotecs builds solutions that are efficient, scalable, secured and easy to implement. Brotecs is a well positioned to provide clients with solutions geared towards convergence of voice, data and video.

IP Telephony Software

Brotecs has a proven track record and an in-depth knowledge of VoIP software development. We have provided a wide range of VoIP telephony solutions for our clients.

Embedded Software / Firmware Development

Embedded development requires a different set of skills, and Brotecs has them. We've acquired our skills over many years of working with hardware companies and myriads of products.

Mobile Application Development

We strive to cover the constantly evolving business needs by accumulating deep knowledge in up-to-date solutions and expanding our capabilities in Mobile development.

Prototype Development

A prototype is defined as an original model on which an operational system is patterned. At Brotecs, the prototype development process, within a structured concept engineering methodology, allows the end users to take prototypes beyond traditional models and test the product in live operations.

Product Development

It has never been more challenging to deliver innovative products and healthy profits simultaneously. There are steep challenges to overcome: shortened windows for product profitability, pressure to differentiate on quality as well as feature innovation, and maintaining margins in the face of severe pricing pressures customers and competition alike.

Custom Software Development

Brotecs develops custom software for clients throughout the world. We are experts at creating applications that interface to custom hardware, have significant real-time performance constraints, or that require efficient access to large quantities of data. We do the hard stuff, the work you don’t want to do, the work you don’t have time to do, and the work you’ve been told is impossible due to timeframes or features.

Open Source Customization

We have developed competency in developing applications/products using ‘Open Source Software’. We customize Open Source Software according to client needs. Our expertise in analyzing Open Source Architecture helps us design and develop rapid, error-free application for our clients.

Social Projects

We have developed short, interactive audio courses that can be taken over a phone, by pressing numbers on the keypad to answer questions. Each course conveys a few important points, such as the importance of clinician-assisted birth, proper hand-washing techniques and dangers, or HIV-transmission knowledge. Each course builds on prior courses to create an audio soap-opera with a consistent story and characters. As an incentive to take the courses, there is a short quiz at the end of each call; if the caller passes the quiz they will get free airtime delivered to their phone which they can use to make personal calls.