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X2Phone Meeting

X2phone Meeting is an online meeting and audio video conference and collaboration software wizard that enables users to host and attend web based conferences and share their desktop screen with other remote users via the web and mobile devices.

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X2Phone Meeting key Features

Allows a user to share their desktops with participants of the meeting
Allows a participant to record and save a local copy of audio/video (desktop shared)
Allows meeting host to save a copy of video, documents to server in file system for sharing with team members for future

Utilitarian features:

» Allows meeting participants to control other user’s desktop
» Allows ability to start/stop desktop sharing
» Allows meeting host to run meeting in

Lecture mode – where host talks and all participants listen. Host grants access to individual users to talk/share desktop
Collaborative mode- where everyone can talk at any time but desktop sharing is authorized by host.

» Allows a participant to raise their hand to interrupt the presenter
» Provide a whiteboard to do freehand drawing – save the drawing – Integrate it with popular tablets.

Allow a participant to one to one, group or public chat